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January 23, 2023
January 23 #WeAreCGS

Twice a month we highlight a member of our CGS team. Let's get to know Isaac Bonilla.

Years at CGS?
6 Years

What inspires you when it comes to design + architecture?

Going from paper to reality: seeing the final outcome is gratifying knowing all the hard work that goes into it.  My first project out of school was a custom metal railing for a building in Ft. Worth, TX. I designed a motif that resembles a longhorn and was amazed by the sample. Even more so when I saw it on the building. That feeling never changed; whether I’m working on railings or much larger scale projects, it’s always inspiring to see and touch something that were once lines on paper.

What made you want to work in the architecture field?
There wasn’t a moment that led to my career path; I grew into it. As a child, I drew everything from cartoons and self portraits, to landscapes. This led to technical drawings in high school where I discovered drafting and CAD software. After 3 years of courses I knew this was for me.

Tell us a little bit about yourself + your past experience.

During my first weeks in college, I lived through the 9-11 tragedy. That moment was very impactful for me being that I was from NY and have a lot of family in that area. It was alarming. As I watched the events unfold in my dorm, I seriously considered dropping the books and joining the military. However, after several conservations with my family and school faculty, I was convinced to stay in school. After 5.5-years I achieved my goal and graduated with a Masters in Architecture. After school I moved to DC where I worked on mostly national projects. After about 10 years, I was ready for something completely different; moving from traditional to more contemporary designs. Luckily, I found CGS where I was captured by their portfolio, specifically the Wilson Bridge Control House. I saw that and I was sold.

Favorite Project
Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge Control House, Washington, DC

We are CGS.

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