Constructed in 1888, Caldwell Hall was the first structure built on the University’s campus and the building was expanded in the early 1960’s with the addition of Seton Hall. The combined Caldwell – Seton Hall has a total gross area of approximately 145,000 sf in five stories above grade at its central portion and houses a variety of users including academics, student life, residential student dormitories and a ground level Chapel. The Catholic University of America intended to undertake a significant Asbestos abatement program in the facility and recognized the opportunity to couple this activity with upgrades of the building’s fire protection and life safety systems and interior finishes as well. Given the sensitive nature of the building’s historic fabric, special care was given to the installation of these new systems. The Firm served as the primary channel to incorporate the work of select specialty consultants into biddable construction documents for execution of the work. Services also included assisting and representing The University in all aspects of soliciting and evaluating Contractor proposals and administering the construction.